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Emergency Preparedness

Some emergencies just happen.  There is no warning and no time to prepare.  While others are predicted by season or general events.  In either case, the actions you take in preparation can make the difference between you and your families comfort or misery.  Even the simplest preparation can make the world of difference.  Consider these three areas of preparation, and ask yourself, am I ready?

* Equipment

Do you have sufficient  water and food set aside to carry your family through several days if you are unable to travel to the store to resupply?  Many merchants  cut operational cost by minimizing the extra goods they keep on hand.  Instead, they rely on daily deliveries to keep their shelves stocked.  What happens when the delivery trucks can't run?   That convenient store down the street is useless to you as a re-supply point.  The term "Equipment" covers a much broader range than just food or water.  Can you protect your family from the elements?  How will you stay warm, dry, etc ?


* Ability

Know your limitations, and those of your family.  We all have limitations.  Identifying these limitations, and developing a plan to work around or with them is vital, and is not a one size fits all.

* Knowledge

Probably the most useful tool in your preparation toolbox is knowledge.  Learn new skills and practice them regularly.  The ability to think and improvise should never be underestimated.